The Future of Work

The Future of Work in America

Will Common Jobs Be Replaced By Technology

What is work?


It is three things. First, work is labor, like writing code or building houses. Second, work is income: If you want money, you probably have to work for it. Third, work is an experience. For some, it is mostly miserable; for some, it is mostly fine; and for others, it is the singular purpose of living.


I am fascinated by the history and future of work along all three of these dimensions. I have written and reported on how the labor market is changing and what the future of work might look like, especially as automation and AI—“robots”—continue to eek their way into the realm of human capabilities. Above all, I’m not just interested in the work that humans do; I’m interested in what work is doing to us. Our jobs used to be mere necessities to keep the world turning. But for many people today, work has become a religion.